DSF/TI Discussion Papers

No. 58: Behavioural Real Estate
Diego Salzman and Remco C.J. Zwinkels

No. 47: Sunshine Trading: Flashes of Trading Intent at the NASDAQ
Johannes A. Skjeltorp, Elvira Sojli and Wing Wah Tham

No. 46: Aggregate Stock Market Illiquidity and Bond Risk Premia
Kees E. Bouwman, Elvira Sojli and Wing Wah Tham

No. 44: Ranking Systemically Important Financial Institutions
Mardi Dungey, Matteo Luciani and David Veredas

No. 43: Can European Bank Bailouts work?
Dirk Schoenmaker, and Arjen Siegmann

No. 42: Banking and Trading
Arnoud W.A. Boot and Lev Ratnovski

No. 32: Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Role of Private Equity Firms 
Mark Humphery-Jenner, Zacharias Sautner, Jo-Ann Suchard

No. 30: The Executive Turnover Risk Premium
Florian S. Peters and Alexander F. Wagner

No. 14: Capital Regulation and Tail Risk
Enrico Perotti, Lev Ratnovski and Razvan Vlahu

No. 2: System Risk Diagnostics
Bernd Schwaab, André Lucas, Siem Jan Koopman

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