DSF/TI Discussion Papers

No. 58: Behavioural Real Estate
Diego Salzman and Remco C.J. Zwinkels

No. 47: Sunshine Trading: Flashes of Trading Intent at the NASDAQ
Johannes A. Skjeltorp, Elvira Sojli and Wing Wah Tham

No. 46: Aggregate Stock Market Illiquidity and Bond Risk Premia
Kees E. Bouwman, Elvira Sojli and Wing Wah Tham

No. 44: Ranking Systemically Important Financial Institutions
Mardi Dungey, Matteo Luciani and David Veredas

No. 43: Can European Bank Bailouts work?
Dirk Schoenmaker, and Arjen Siegmann

No. 42: Banking and Trading
Arnoud W.A. Boot and Lev Ratnovski

No. 32: Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Role of Private Equity Firms 
Mark Humphery-Jenner, Zacharias Sautner, Jo-Ann Suchard

No. 30: The Executive Turnover Risk Premium
Florian S. Peters and Alexander F. Wagner

No. 14: Capital Regulation and Tail Risk
Enrico Perotti, Lev Ratnovski and Razvan Vlahu

No. 2: System Risk Diagnostics
Bernd Schwaab, André Lucas, Siem Jan Koopman

Workers are dressing more casually. Does that affect productivity

As the summer brings sweltering heat, office dress is shifting. Skirts and sleeves are shorter, sandals are prevalent, and both seasoned professionals and the summer’s crop of interns test the boundaries of […]

Tre’Davious Bright; Jamal Adams attract scouts during LSU Professional Day

“Today had been one excellent time of day intended for LSU footballing and also the LSU manufacturer. Our company is like to show off the particular 18 teenage boys which will solved. […]

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