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Winners of Duisenberg Battle 2013!

Congratulations to the winners of the Duisenberg Battle 2013!

Bas Molenkamp of the Financiele Studievereniging Rotterdam (FSR), the study association for all finance and economics students of Erasmus University Rotterdam, was the winner of the Duisenberg Battle grand prize:  a €10,000 scholarship to Duisenberg school of finance. 

The winning team - in which each team member won a €2500 DSF scholarship - came from Asset Economics, the economics study association of Tilburg University. The team comprised members Denise Klop, Sindram Rerop, Sebastiaan Scholtes and Joost Slabbekoorn.

Both the FSR and the Asset Economics teams worked on the case presented by PricewaterhouseCoopers which focusd on what type of advice should be given to foreign clients who want to expand into the Dutch market. Asset Economics chose to focus on the needs of young professionals, devising an incentivisation plan that bundles a savings account with a mortgage.

The FSR team also looked at the mortgage needs of young Dutch professionals, and created a family-based mortgage scheme for first-time homebuyers, which they described as 'creating a generational wealth chain - finance your family!'

Last year's winner, Patty Duijm, and Dr. Zacharias Sautner, Programme Director MSc in Finance, Corporate Finance and Banking, presented the awards



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