Dear DSF alumni, staff, corporate partners and other stakeholders,

As we wish our last graduates success as they embark upon their new careers, I reflect upon our school’s eight successful years of educating talented minds and producing groundbreaking research. I am proud of what we have achieved.

And while DSF as a school has closed its doors, our legacy will continue not only through the knowledge we have imparted upon our alumni, but also through its continued curriculum, which has been adopted by the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the VU University Amsterdam (VU) (See the press release for more details).

Around 450 top-notch finance minds have graduated from our programmes since 2008, and from there found successful careers in banking, corporate finance, financial markets, M&A, and regulatory and risk management. We can say with pride that over ninety percent of our graduates found jobs in their chosen field within six months of graduating.

In addition to our educational achievements, we have produced research that has consistently gained worldwide media attention, particularly in the areas of macro-prudential supervision, the new Banking Union, and sustainability. These papers are still online within our research section, and we hope they will continue to be used and referenced in the months to come.

I would like to thank our corporate partners, many of who have supported us since the school’s founding, and who have actively participated in building the high standard of quality finance education for which we’ve become known.

I would also like to express a special thanks to our dedicated staff members, who have worked hard over the years to assist our students, alumni, faculty and corporate partners.



Dirk Schoenmaker
Dean, Duisenberg school of finance

Dean Duisenberg school of finance

Dean Dirk Schoenmaker