MSc Finance, Corporate Finance and Banking track

MSc Finance, Corporate Finance and Banking track

The MSc Finance, Corporate Finance and Banking programme has been integrated into the Honours Programme of the University of Amsterdam. If you are interested in pursuing this programme at the University of Amsterdam, please get in touch via

This programme will no longer be available at Duisenberg school of finance. The below mentioned information refers to the former programme at Duisenberg school of finance, and does NOT reflect the programme at the University of Amsterdam.


The MSc Finance, Corporate Finance and Banking track was designed for students with excellent analytical and leadership abilities and a drive to challenge the status quo. The track was based on learning the best-practices methodology around corporate finance, investment banking, commercial banking, and strategy consulting and how best practices may adapt as circumstances change.

Programme Outline


  • Advanced Computational Bootcamp
  • Banking Refresher
  • Statistics and Econometrics Refresher

September – October

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Marketing Yourself, Financial System and Regulation
  • Advanced Corporate Valuation
  • Advanced Econometric Methods
  • Advanced Financial Accounting

November – January

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Marketing Yourself, Ethics in Finance, International Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Boards, Ownership & Compensation

January – March

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Presentation Skills, Finance & Sustainability, Behavioural Finance
  • Commercial Banking
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital

March – May

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Negotiation Skills
  • International Corporate Risk Management
  • Elective (Comparative Corporate Law & Regulation; US M&A Law; Bankruptcy & Corporate Reorganisation

May – August

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Internship
  • Thesis
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