MSc Finance, Financial Markets and Regulation track

MSc Finance, Financial Markets and Regulation track

The MSc Finance, Risk Management programme has been integrated into the Honours Programme of the VU University. If you are interested in pursuing this programme at the VU University, please contact Stéphanie Catz, Marjolein Paap, Olga van Rijn and Marloes Theus via (for Dutch degree students), or Floris Korbee and Leanne Schrijver via

This programme will no longer be available at Duisenberg school of finance. The below mentioned information refers to the former programme at Duisenberg school of finance, and does NOT reflect the programme at the VU University.


The MSc Finance, Financial Markets and Regulation track was uniquely designed for top-talent wishing to become high caliber finance professionals who possess a solid legal insight into the principles, mechanisms and techniques of finance. The track has been based on learning to extend your skills to a range of different financial areas, such as private equity, hedge funds, and new banking relationships.

Programme Outline


  • Advanced Computational Bootcamp
  • Programming
  • Statistics and Econometrics

September – October 

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Marketing Yourself, Financial Systems & Regulation
  • Advanced Econometric Methods
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Measure Theory and Stochastic Processes

November – January 

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Marketing Yourself, Ethics in Finance, International Corporate Governance
  • Asset Pricing: Stock and Fixed Income Markets
  • Derivatives

January – March

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Presentation Skills, Finance and Sustainability, Behavioural Finance
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Elective (Commercial Banking; Enterprise Wide Risk Sources)

March – May

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Negotiation Skills
  • Actuarial Mathematics and Modeling
  • Market and Systemic Risk Management

May – August

  • Duisenberg Leadership Programme: Internship
  • Thesis
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