One of the most important pillars of Duisenberg school of finance is research-based teaching. Where industrial companies have Research & Development for their innovation, Duisenberg school of finance has research to foster its innovative approach to finance. As a result, the school’s programmes provide students with an unconventional and forward-looking approach to finance. Besides feeding the educational programmes, the school’s research and researchers also contribute to the public policy debate on current topics. Several young and talented research fellows, as well as experienced top academics capture their research and visions in papers.

With the intention of sharing the school’s new thinking in finance, three types of publications have been established:

DSF Policy Briefs These Briefs provide short and up-to-date visions on current policy issues. The Briefs can be published in the media and will be sent out via email to those that have a connection to issues covered. The target groups for the Policy Briefs are regulators, professionals from the industry and policymakers.

DSF Policy Papers This Series is aimed at professionals interested in research-based visions. Readers of this series seek a more in-depth view on certain topics. The Policy Papers translate research findings into applicable solutions.

DSF-TI Discussion Papers In this Series, the hard-core academic pieces are listed. In cooperation with Tinbergen Institute, this series is developed to offer academic insights into fundamental and innovative research. The authors are mostly experienced experts in their fields. The majority of the readers are academics