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No 32: Institutional Structure of Financial Regulation
Robin Hui Huang and Dirk Schoenmaker

No. 31: Decision-Making in the European Union
Arthur Docters van Leeuwen, Dirk Schoenmaker and Mathieu Segers

No. 29: System-wide Exposures to Emerging Markets
Dirk Schoenmaker and Wolf Wagner

No. 28: Mobilising Institutional Investment
Joseph A. McCahery, Dirk Schoenmaker, Barend van Drooge

No 27: When Good Intentions Go Wrong
Manuel Illueca, Lars Norden and Gregory F. Udell

No. 17: Winning by Losing
Ulrike Malmendier, Enrico Moretti and Florian Peters

No. 16: Banking Union instead fo Eurobonds
Daniel Gros, Dirk Schoenmaker

No. 15: Risk Management Benefits from Credit Derivatives
Las Norden, Consuelo Silva Buston, Wolf Wagner

No. 6: How Much Capital do European Banks Need
Viral Acharya, Dirk Schoenmaker and Sascha Steffen